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Posted by Sebastien Damaye on May 08

Hi guys,

A new major Pytbull version (version 1.0) has been released, with following

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– Support of other IDS/IPS than just Snort & Suricata, provided you can
grab the alerts file via FTP (the parameter -i doesn't exist anymore).
– Pattern matching feature, enabling to specify a regex in the tests
(optional), that will be compared to the alerts triggered for each payload.
A flag will then indicate for each test…

Source: Pytbull v1.0 release now available

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  1. Sébastien Damaye

    Hi guys,

    Please notice a few updates about pytbull:
    – The entire project (downloads, bugs, svn, …) has moved from googlecode to sourceforge.
    – There’s now a dedicated site for pytbull here:
    – I’ve posted a request to include pytbull in Backtrack. Any comments are welcome:
    – There’s a new version available: v1.3. You can download it from here:

    Changelog for v1.3:
    – Bug fix 3305244: Error while using reverse shell
    – Minor changes (check new version) due to migration of pytbull on Sourceforge
    Many thanks in advance for your updates and your support!


    Sébastien Damaye

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